Dog's Best Friend  

JOHN D NORTH MIAMI BEACH,FL      My dog Ethel is a miniature schnauzer who was always afraid [terrified is more like it] of being groomed.We had so many bad experiences that I hated it as much as Ethel did until we started going to Michelle at Dog's Best Friend. What a pleasure.They love dogs as much as I do,and Ethel loves Michelle. This is a major miracle, because Ethel doesn't like ANYBODY. The haircuts are the best she's ever had, and I get her teeth cleaned there too [better and cheaper than the vet]. A friendtold me about Michelle, and now my aunt,my sister and several of my friends all take their dogs only to Michelle. She and her staff are awesome. It's a little far from home,but it's worth it. Ethel and I will Never  go anywhere else!!

G  North Miami Fl.        Gypsey-Doodle-The-Wonder-Poodle is a digger. I am a single guy taking care of my daughter's mini poodle and she gets really dirty and curly fast. I am also a procrastinator, so when I take Gypsey she really Needs grooming. Michelle is the best. Not only is she a fabulous groomer but a truly unique person who cares about her customers...both the dogs and the humans. Michelle doesn't yell at me and it's like getting a new dog everytime. Her work is exceptional and if you are lucky like me Michelle will even call you to remind you to bring in your dog. NONE BETTER. Her advice is based on years of experience and caring,and her love for her work is genuine. Gypsey would be  lost without her and she truly looks forward to her grooming days with Michelle and her staff.

Maria T    Miami Fl.         I'm really bad about at home grooming,my Lhasa Apso Naya. I let her hair grow to epic dreadlock proportions to rival those of the late Bob Marley. So when I do finally make it to the groomer,Naya looks like the canine version of those creepy people on shows like "Extreme Makeover". With that said my groomer needs to be GREAT. But aside from being that I need a groomer that won't give me the look of death,or the guilt trip when I drop her off. That's where Michelle  at Dog's Best Friend comes in. She does and excellent job and doesn't give you the evil eye when she sees the awful shape one'e dog can be in, and you've gotta love that.
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